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Do you lose patience if tears fill your eyes when you’re reading your favourite novel?  Is it because it reminds you of a painful experience in your own life?

This normal reaction to the printed word occurs when the content touches your heartstrings. Tears force the letters to fade on the page. You swipe them away, hoping to gain immediate clarity of the words. You’re eager to see what happens in the plot, but the tears win. The words appear and disappear like leaves blowing in the wind.

If you’re reading in bed, you grab a corner of the sheet to soak up the flood of tears on your face.

Holding your breath coaxes several hiccups. You realize you’re on the edge of bawling like a calf calling his mother. And after sleep claims you in the long dark night, you stir and feel the still damp sheet. The author’s well crafted words elicits a silent thank you to move across your peaceful mind. And you sleep.


Take a few moments to remember when someone’s words moved you onward in your grief process.