“Grieving is a process. Grieving is not an event. Grieving is not learned. It comes naturally when we give ourselves permission and if we let it take its course.

We cannot always explain, define and understand what is happening to us. We have to trust ourselves that we can naturally respond to the new state into which we are thrust. It is about gaining confidence in our God-given ability to express emotions.

cemtery-womanGrief is a state of being, into which we enter caused by painful traumatic dynamics that surround us, or from circumstances out of which we are forced to respond.  Grief creates within us a phenomenon totally outside our everyday common vocabulary. Yet, often without support or companionship, we expect ourselves and others to live within the experience of grief, even when we have no words to define it. There is nothing fair about any of this.

We are called to learn guidelines and definitions that give us tools to speak to our heart and to articulate our journey to ourselves, others and God” (2003 Work sheet for Grieve and Grow course: Dr. D.Mann; Trinity Theological Seminary).

It is at times like this when a friendly voice, or helping hand helps us to trust ourselves, our story and the unpredictable future ahead. After learning and applying the principals of grief, freedom consumes us empowering us to live a new life.

Write some notes in your journal attempting to look at the before and after emotions in your life.