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June, 2015

2015-05-28 06.06.59This week, we parked on the shores of a Lake on Manitoulan Island. Sunsets and sunrises graced the horizon. Early one morning, I saw a deer walk slowly and carefully across the wet soil. Yet, as I look closely, I ask, “Are those tire marks or remnants of the water’s response to the wind on last night’s waves. I didn’t really try to figure this out? And did it matter? As I look at the picture, I think maybe the deer is stealthily walking a labyrinth, even while keeping a close watch on anything that moves. I smile at my assumption. Maybe the facts aren’t important at all. It just might be that the feeling of peace and comfort I gained during this particular sunrise is the first step to see what is actually happening. (Picture ©2015 Lonely fawn)

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