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WinterGrief coverMay, 2015

“It’s easier to see in hindsight what was helpful and what hindered my grieving process” (Page 15, WinterGrief)

There is a saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” In some ways, these words reflect a part of the grief process that is waiting to unfold. In the midst of shock, and fear of the unknown, it is almost impossible to think clearly about both facts and the impact they had. Often fear sideswipes whatever stability one has and fills each day with uncertainty. Nothing makes sense, nothing adds up and nothing is secure. It seems like the day has the possibility to once again make a mockery out of life.

This is where friends often show their colours. Some are willing to walk the walk with you, without feeling they have to talk the walk with definitions, interpretation, or acting as spokesperson for God. These same friends will not attempt to rescue or free you from your pain, just walk on that stoney ground with you.

Even at a time when it seems impossible to trust what deep down you know is true: life does level out and some time, however long it takes, it becomes predictable again.

It is this hope upon which we draw. It is in this hope that time seems to drag enough for us to catch and we begin to see the big picture of the forest, again.

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