A new year! Regardless of when you read this blog, you have the opportunity to make a new start, recreate a new beginning. Sometimes, it takes looking closely at the obstacles in your path to achieve your goal. You might spend mega energy circumventing any one of life’s twists and turns rather than risk exploring what they mean for you at any given time.


  • A health issue that places limits on your life.
  • Moving from one location to another, the extra work, fatigue and loss of interest.
  • Turning the age that you’ve been dreading.
  • Going on in life without your life partner.
  • Watching any one of your children make poor choices.
  • Reviewing your life and claiming the sorrow about ways you treated self.
  • Add your own situation when you journal.

The hand of grief has many fingers.

This is the first day of the rest of your life. Try to emotionally detach yourself from anything that doesn’t include you in a positive way. Leave it with a Higher Power, a loving God, the Universe or whatever name correctly describes someone beyond self. And then listen and . . .

Notepad_iconJournal a few thoughts to express (process) feelings.