The words Grieve and Grow might seem contradictory, but one actually compliments the other. It is through grieving, acknowledging our emotions that we grow in understanding of self and others. As we process our feelings it is definitely a win-win situation.

This blog is written for you.  It is my hope that you will come back and find a beam of light to shed on your life and brighten your day. We grieve because we have a broken heart. We grow in understanding ourselves and the situation as we process our thoughts. It is a journey. It is a pathway to new insight, freedom and life.

“It is also written for people like me who need the reassurance that grieving is normal and the only permission I need comes from me. To those of you who turned away from statements like, “Come on now, don’t cry” and found your space to weep, to wail, to express your anger and your helplessness–Bravo. And for those who have not yet begun the grief process, it is never too late” (21 Promises: Self Care in Grief (2015).