Every once in a while I read words that ring so true, I’m sure they were written for my loved one. In this case, not so, but for the author’s special friend. With permission I am publishing this poem written by a writing colleague. I trust you will find yourself in her words. 

Tribute to a friend

 by Mardel Wyborn


I miss you.

I miss your smile.

I miss your advice.

I miss laughing with you.


I loved you

  and I loved your crazy way

  of dealing with pain.

I loved your kids.


At times I came close to hating you.

You did your own thing

  and didn’t include me.

You chose men I disliked.

You avoided me when you were in

  relationships that were harmful to you.


And then something would happen.

I needed you..

  and you were always there.

We coped with loss together.

We celebrated life

  and then you died..

  before your time

and I was lost.

A part of my life was gone

  and I couldn’t get it back.


But then I think of you

  and your resilience

And I know you wouldn’t want me

  to quit living

  just because you are no longer here..


So I soldier on

  with a smile on my face

knowing that by doing so

I only make you proud.


And instead of crying,

  I smile.