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We live in hope that we are entering a new day. Hours not fully viewed, yet still bear a resemblance to what we know as familiar. The sunrise gives us a perfect example of how we get a sneak preview of the beauty a new day might offer. Yes, a storm might come and cause us to change plans, or board up the windows or maybe just cover some sensitive plants in the garden. A storm comes and goes, sometimes leaving wreckage, other times welcome in the heat of summer.

When I look at sunrays, I like to think about how many and then apply that number to positive areas in my day. Interesting that half of this sunrise picture is darkened leaving some rays more distinct than others. Is life a little like that for you now? Does this remind you of hidden areas waiting for you to grieve? We reflect on what used to be and wonder if those days will ever return. At this time, our day-to-day hours have only a vague likeness to 2019. And yet, we live out our day the best we can, give thanks to the front-line workers and all who help on the home-front. And we look forward to tomorrow.

In all of this, I see a positive and hopeful endurance amongst people. Even the students who missed their graduation walk, or families who couldn’t sit with their loved ones in death. Maybe frustration surfaces when those doctor and dentist appointments had to be rescheduled. Yet, many seem to rise to these challenges with intensity naming their frustration and then making plans to compensate.

I see strong people emerging out of this pandemic. Some have limited resources to celebrate the 3rd stage because of heartache, disappointment or even fear, and I invite them along with the rest of us to pause, to watch a sunrise and to consider the gift of hope.

Jot down some responses in your journal of the confident ways that are emerging in your life.


Photo credit: Sharron Marie