In Canada, we are beginning a rather furious winter. We didn’t have much snow until a couple of days ago, and now we have road closures and blizzard conditions. However, most of us have put snow tires on our car, checked our supply of windshield washer and purchased an extra pair of warm mitts. We are prepared.

Some may love winter for sports and other interests. Some don’t like winter for many reasons. However, the earth in this area is very thirsty after a long dry summer. And we know that spring will come in all its glory. So I suppose we will find ways to endure the winter months.

Grief is sometimes like that. When I wrote WinterGrief, I compared nature’s seasons to the nature of grief. Yes, some nice comparisons. I’ve attached an old piece of paper where I did some pondering. I hope you enjoy it.


WinterGrief cover

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