It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. The picture below shows in detail the changing seasons of creation. One can easily see the scattered leaves on the grass, suggesting a strong wind may have taken them from trees to prepare for a new season. It is important to note that the trunks of the trees remain a consistent colour, same hight and number of branches as before the wind blew. In the background, we can still see colour, suggesting that other trees are going through a similar process in their own way. Different levels of earth make some of the colours and shapes stand more prominently than others.

Photo-courtesy-of-mdemon-22old-wooden-bridge22-via-Flickr-260x140Although the landscape in the picture above seems rather barren, I can almost hear the ripple of the fresh water under the bridge. Imagining the soothing cleansing of the water and even though it is not visible suggests movement and cleansing. One has to guess that there is a stream between the two shores, even though it is not seen. Otherwise why would a bridge be necessary.

What are your bridges? What kind of water runs beneath them cleansing the bottom-rock or your life. And in the shadows of the bridge, what is growing on the shore, maturing, soon to push through the hard earth of early spring to new life.

Think what has been helpful and take some time to add it to your journal notes.