April, 2015

Everyone works at grief in different ways, at a different pace, with different people, in different places. Some wait to work at grief, while others begin at the time of loss and still others begin before loss even happens” (Page 5 WinterGrief, 2003).

However you grieve, unless harmful to you or another person, is right for you. Some people might try and move you away from your grief, telling you to ‘get on with life’, ‘there’s no use dwelling on your loss’, or ‘you can’t spend time in the past.’ You might respond with one or two words to all three of these phrases, “Why?” or “Why not”?”

Maybe it is taking you longer than your friend to process your feelings. Ask yourself, “Is this not my loss and not yours, so I am the expert on my own grief process.

Notepad_iconJournal a few thoughts to express (process) feelings.